Introducing our great, effective record cleaning solution

lp clean

Exclusive to The Current Year!

We’re happy to announce that LP CLEAN, our very own record cleaner product, is now available! This is the cleaner that we’ve used on our own collection for years, and was created after years of research, trial, testing, and comparison.

If you’re finicky about cleaning your records, then you owe it to yourself to try it. There’s no other record cleaner like it! It’s organic and the water we use is extremely pure and crystal clean.

Better than plain distilled water, our cleaner is made from water filtered of mineral salts, fluoride, chlorine, chloroethane, chloromethane, cycloate, dacthal acid, dalapon, diazinona, dibromoacetic acid, fluridone, p-Xylenes, and many other contaminants and substances found in tap water, well water, bottled water, and other typical sources. It’s filtered of volatile organic compounds to below lab detectable limits! The cleaning agent is a 100% organic compound with surfactants.

Our cleaner is also alcohol free. This is a controversial topic among record enthusiasts. Some say that very pure 99% alcohol is ok. Others are against it. Many home cleaning recipes and solutions contain isopropyl alcohol. Alcohol will leave some shine on your vinyl, so it does have a visual appeal. And it helps the cleaner evaporate quicker. But it’s not an effective cleaner, and there’s a price to pay for that extra shine. According to Paul Rigby at The Vinyl Factory, it strips the protective coating that rests on the record’s groove walls and floor. As little as three or four alcohol cleans are enough to affect the sound. Dr. Bruce Maier, who invented the Discwasher system back in the 1970s, made sure to avoid high amounts of alcohol in his cleaning solutions for this very reason. We note that record and record cleaning manufacturers recommended not using alcohol on new vinyl. So we take the conservative stance and keep alcohol from our records.

That’s not to say that sometimes you need to use something strong on a record. We recommend this cleaner to help clean a record of normal soil and grit. It’s not for the restoration of truly damaged records. A record that has mold on it or that has serious grime or soil is already damaged, and will need a harsher cleaner to address that. Alcohol, and even strong bacteria-killing bleach wipes, which we’d never recommend using on a good record, may be necessary to stop mold growth on a moldy record that has significant soil and dirt. Then, once you’ve addressed the mold and soil, you can go ahead and use the record cleaner on the restored record.

It’s also true that alcohol will damage your smartphone. Phone manufacturers recommend you do not use it to clean your phone. We never did, but after some thought we’ve changed our minds – we do use alcohol on smartphones. The occasional use – something like once a month. Why? Because it does clean it well, and a smartphone, unlike a vinyl record, isn’t something that is expected to last or be kept for a long time. Records you purchase today could be with you for the rest of your life. They have a life outside of us – records last a long time, they outlast us, most of us have records in our collections that have had several owners before us and that are older than us, than our parents, even in some cases older than our grandparents. None of us have smartphones that old and no one in the future will be using, or adaptive re-using, today’s smartphones decades or generations from now. So our thoughts are sure, go ahead and use alcohol, very sparingly, on your smartphone, knowing that it will affect its longevity. But keep it away from your records!

While we call it LP CLEAN, our cleaner is suitable for use on all your vinyl, from 45 rpm 7" singles to regular 33 1/3 long-play records. And because our cleaner is alcohol free, it’s also safe for shellac records like vintage 78 rpm records, as well as optical discs. Coupled with a microfiber cleaning cloth and a good anti-static record cleaning brush (such as the excellent and top-quality carbon fiber brushes available in our showroom) is all you need to keep your record collection clean and protected for years to come.

lp clean