Introducing our high-quality stylus cleaner, available in a selection of attractive color cases -- exclusive to The Current Year!

stylus cleaner colors

We’re happy to announce that our very own stylus cleaning product is now available!

Our stylus cleaner is a safe, effective, and high-quality cleaning gel that will extend both the life of your needle and your precious vinyl records. It will keep your audio sounding great!

Safe, Smart, and Effective

Unlike the old brush-based wet cleaning systems, our new non-toxic stylus cleaner is designed to clean the stylus without chemicals, liquids, or excessive force. Liquid stylus cleaner can potentially cause severe damage to the stylus mounting. In some cases it can even cause the diamond to fall off!

When used properly, our stylus cleaner places no stress on the suspension and cantilever. Simply open the case, with the cleaning gel pad on the small lid, sticky side up. Then, tap the gel on the stylus a few times to clean it. Any debris on the needle will adhere to the gel and come off the needle.

stylus cleaner gel

You can tap the stylus in one of two ways. The easiest is to raise the cleaner upward towards the stylus in a vertical motion, and allow the gel to touch the needle. On some turntables, you can also lay the open cap on the turntable and use the cueing mechanism to lower the arm so that the stylus taps the gel. The larger base can be used to extend the height.

In either case, make sure that you are only moving the gel (or the needle) vertically, up and down, and not horizontally. By keeping the stylus in an up-and-down motion only, the gel acts like a pillow around the needle, and you avoid any damage or misalignment. Horizontal motion of the stylus, of any kind, is not recommended; this is one of the dangers of the old brush-based solutions.

After cleaning the stylus, dust and debris will adhere to the gel. When the surface of the gel gets dirty, it can be simply cleaned with warm water, and left to air dry in the large compartment of the case. When dry, its stickiness will return.

Our long-lasting stylus cleaner is packaged in a handy container and is available in a variety of happy colors. Come visit our showroom in Parma, Ohio and get yours today!