We're excited to announce that our custom turntable mats have arrived! Turntable mats

Turntable mats are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they enhance your sound – and those are the two best reasons to add one to your system!

Using a good mat is one of the best and most cost-effective means of improving your sound. They protect your precious vinyl and improve sound quality by reducing friction (and crackling) and steadying the vinyl while the record is in play. They help bring an increase in tone and clarity to the sound.

There are different styles, designed for different styles of spinning and listening.

Cork platter mat

The cork platter mats are for high-quality audiophile listening.

They help bring a clean, warm sound, and have been compared to the difference between tubes and solid state. Cork is non-resonant and non-conductive, and does not attract dust. Among audiophiles, cork remains the most popular type of platter mat.

The felt slipmats are an excellent aesthetic choice when no record is on the turntable. They are designed for DJs and DJ setups. The purpose of a slipmat is to let you move a record (for cueing or scratching) while the turntable platter is still spinning; without a good slipmat, you can damage the turntable. These are essentials for vinyl disc jockeys.

Ours are professional grade high-quality felt with a glazed bottom surface, which has become the industry standard. They are the ideal height and weight. The high quality sublimation printing used on our slipmats dye the felt without leaving residue or top surface feel.

Our mats are made in the USA.

Felt slipmat