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Ever wonder what goes on in a record store when the customers are gone? When the turntable’s off, all the records are back in their bins, the lights are finally down low, and even the last go-go dancer’s gone home? That’s when Sockey and Sharkey come out to play! Subscribe to our new YouTube channel and don’t miss out on a single episode!

Holiday hours

Beginning next week, we’ll be adjusting our hours for the holiday season. Through Christmas and New Year’s, we’ll be open later most nights. Our current hours are always posted on our website. When they do change, we’ll also make note of it on Facebook and Instagram. Current hours: Sunday CLOSED Monday CLOSED Tuesday 12-6 Wednesday 12-6 Thursday CLOSED Friday 12-6 Saturday 10-4 And, as ever, these are just the “official” hours.

Now Available – Organic Alcohol-Free Record Cleaner!

Exclusive to The Current Year! We’re happy to announce that LP CLEAN, our very own record cleaner product, is now available! This is the cleaner that we’ve used on our own collection for years, and was created after years of research, trial, testing, and comparison. If you’re finicky about cleaning your records, then you owe it to yourself to try it. There’s no other record cleaner like it! It’s organic and the water we use is extremely pure and crystal clean.

Winter hours

In response to your feedback, we’re changing our hours around a bit. This winter we’ll focus more on daytime hours, which seems to make sense as the days get shorter. And like our neighbors at Rudy’s, we’ll now be closed on Mondays. You can always find our current hours posted on our website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram. Current hours: Sunday CLOSED Monday CLOSED Tuesday 10-4 Wednesday 10-4 Thursday CLOSED Friday 10-6 Saturday 10-4 And, as ever, by appointment

Music Hall USB-1 Turntable

Many of our clients have been asking us where and how to get a new record player. This is a service that we’ve been wanting to provide since we first decided to open a record store. And as a result of our client inquiries, today we’re proud to announce that we carry the Music Hall USB-1 turntable! It’s a solid, proven choice for a contemporary belt-driven turntable. Music Hall’s USB-1 is a convenient, easy to use, and fun turntable for anyone getting into (or back into) the world of vinyl.

Grand opening – and pierogi!

It’s National Pierogi Day, and we’re celebrating it in conjunction with our family and neighbors, Rudy’s Strudel and Bakery. And it’s our Grand Opening! Great music on vinyl and great Polish food are an unbeatable combination! Awesome journalist Seren Morris at Newsweek certainly thinks so – she listed us at number one for the best pierogi day deal in the nation! Thanks to Anne Nickoloff for coming out and talking to us before we opened, and for writing a wonderful story about us in cleveland.

A note about genres

Lounge This is the place for lounge acts, big and small – from Tom Jones and Wayne Newton to the little act who played at that Holiday Inn off the new freeway extension back in 1972. Also any LPs of cocktail lounge music, instrumental or otherwise, that don’t strongly fit in other categories. A shop favorite! Exotica Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman, and Les Baxter form the triumvirate. You’ll also find lesser-knowns from The Surfmen to Gene Rains, lots of great Hawaiian and Polynesian music, as well as other exotic sounds from exotic locales around the globe.